1. berry1977's Avatar
    I started getting an error message every time I want to use some services on my Telstra phone that says " Your device does not support the recent SHA security certificate upgrade".

    More info:

    Im using an updated Q10.
    03-10-17 04:25 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    10.3.3 or 10.3.2? Or is Telstra assuming that you've got a BBOS phone?

    According to what little scraps of info are on the Knowledge Base, BB10 is supposedly compatible with SHA-2 certificates.
    03-10-17 04:56 PM
  3. berry1977's Avatar
    It makes no difference whether or not it is 10.3.2 or 10.3.3 as I still get the same message even after upgrading to OS
    I have being impacted as opposed to the information on the Blackberry site.
    03-10-17 05:24 PM
  4. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    It could be because the sites are making the decision based on the User-Agent string rather than what the protocol handshaking indicates. Even Qualys SSL Labs makes that mistake:
    1. Browse to ssllabs.com
    2. Click on Test your browser
    3. The site may complain about the user-agent not supporting TLS 1.2 even though lower down it says TLS 1.2 is supported, and supported signatures includes many SHA2 algorythims.
    4. Click on "Other User-Agents"
    5. Click on "Test your browser"
    6. Now the report should be correct.

    Unfortunately due to a lot of history browser user agents are often used to make decisions that can't really justified because there are no standards on what the user agent string should contain. Also browsers have been lying in their user agent strings since IE started telling servers it was Mozzilla. Anyway here are screen shots of my first and subsequent visits to ssllabs.com browser test page:

    How to upgrade from SHA-1 to SHA-2 algorithm?-img_20170310_212201.pngHow to upgrade from SHA-1 to SHA-2 algorithm?-img_20170310_212231.png
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    03-10-17 08:31 PM
  5. berry1977's Avatar
    Thanks Richard, problem identified Blackberry browser
    Switched to Chrome and all is good, no issues there.
    03-11-17 07:42 PM

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