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    I have the AT&T Passport.

    I have spent entirely too much time trying to figure this out and can't find an answer that works!

    *I have a primary gmail account (along with secondary gmail accounts)

    *I have a work email account (me@work.com) I view on my PC through Outlook. It is OWA I can view without needing my Computer.

    *Both accounts have calendars I would like to view on the BB calendar as one calendar (2 separate BB calendars is fine if necessary)

    *I have set up both email accounts (primary gmail and work mail) on my phone: Settings > Accounts and receive emails just fine.

    *Under Settings > Accounts, I notice my gmail account states underneath "Calendar, Email, Contacts", while all other emails state "Email" underneath.

    *However, my personal gmail account is not showing up in BB Calendar

    *My work email is not showing up in Calendar.

    *There is no toggle for calendar sync available on any of the email settings (primary gmail, secondary gmail or work email) that I can find.

    ***How do I sync my primary gmail account and my work email account calendars to BB calendar?***

    As a reference, I was able to do this on my android tablet and phone no problem and could view both gmail and work email calendars on the devices already installed calendar by toggling on/off each email account's calendar to sync.

    06-22-15 12:36 PM

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