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    Blackberry 10 will connect to DrayTek routers, If you choose "Juniper IPSec VPN (SRX-Series).

    Choose PSK authentication, insert a authentication ID and a PSK.
    Under Advanced add a random private network/Subnet mask and the private network of the VPN Gateway.

    On the Draytek create a Remote-Dial-In user, Allow IPSec Tunnel, insert the authentication ID under "Peer ID", and the PSK under IKE Pre-shared key.

    Save, connect.
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    10-09-15 01:29 PM
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    Sounds a cool find. Can you kindly suggest some best uses of such connection? I got an underused Draytek at home. Many thanks.

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    10-09-15 09:13 PM
  3. gpcge's Avatar
    I'm using the VPN to connect to our office PBX and access the NAS files
    10-10-15 03:08 AM
  4. hkkelvinlee's Avatar

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    10-13-15 08:54 AM

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