1. bbrotestant's Avatar
    Not having luck connecting Classic to Link on win10. It finds it on wifi, even attaches as a drive, but link won't connect.
    Is there a way to reload os as low-level as possible?
    I understand that security wipe does little to the os itself, am I right?
    I tried Sachesi, sometimes it connects (over non-bb cable), but is that any advantage?

    Why all this?

    My Classic works fine on but I discovered it uses up ridiculous amounts of data (ota). A 30kb page takes over 100kb to load (regardless if operamini or Naked or native).

    Tried to replicate on: Q10( - does not do that: it behaves exactly as it should. Same sim used, same page.

    I assume software reload is the easiest way forward, but I'm battling with the options.

    PS: got it second-hand, came with blank system, I suspect the miniusb is a little damaged/loose(occasionally it doesn't charge without a wiggle), but as I said, with sachesi it sometimes connects ok.
    Generally, windows refuses to recognize it over USB. Unknown device.

    Thanks for suggestions or links!
    01-19-18 05:20 PM
  2. LSDBerry's Avatar
    Search crackberry forum for autoloaders. Z30 autoloader will work for Classic.

    Posted via CB10
    01-19-18 05:45 PM
  3. bbrotestant's Avatar
    Thanks for a right direction.
    Eventually, I got Link working, really last-minute: hard to pin down why, I tied swapping cables (where bb seemed no better than noname), and disabling Avast.
    So I managed to do a standard "Refresh" after all. Results TBC.

    I'm going to eduate myself on autoloaders anyway.
    01-22-18 08:40 AM

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