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    Hey everyone,

    Currently a 9900 user and looking o upgrade to the classic soon. One of the great things about OS7 that it used data compression. Seeing as I don't have too much data on my current plan how much more data does OS10 take up as apposed to OS7? Also if anyone has a % figure like 20% or 40% more. That would be great to know

    03-23-15 01:35 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    It's really hard to say.... most of us use a lot more data now, but that has more to do with the devices ability to do more. I hardly used the browser on my 9650, so my internet usage was pretty low. Couldn't run very many key Apps so there was not need to access data from the cloud.

    I've seen some say they didn't notice a difference, and other complain that it went up 50%. I think it really depends on what you are using the data for, as some content will compress and some really doesn't.
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    03-23-15 01:50 PM
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    Way more lol if you use bb10 same as y use bb7 u will run ur data out quickly especially watching videos. Other than video and streaming music u should be good

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    03-23-15 02:01 PM
  4. hasa77's Avatar
    A general rule is about X4 moving from the legacy BlackBerry os to os10. I used around 500-750mb on OS 6 and now I've got a contract for 2gb and use between 1gb-2gb

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    03-23-15 02:22 PM
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    WAAAAAYYY MORE DATA USAGE than BBOS7. Although I liked BIS as it was just uncapped monthly data plan.
    How much more data does OS10 use vs OS7?-img_20150323_212736.png

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    03-23-15 02:29 PM
  6. Damian Montero's Avatar
    So OS7 did compress data.

    Also remember you probably had 3g (or the "Faux G"... or 4G that isn't 4G)
    so it's a lot harder to use data when it trickels in.

    Now that your BB10 can do EVERYTHING you'll end up doing MORE THINGS with it.

    if you spend a lot of time outside of wifi and you're the type of person that games, and facebook's a youtube's a lot then you'll reach 3GB easily a month.

    If you just do the same things as you did with your BB7 device, you won't reach 1GB.
    03-23-15 02:45 PM
  7. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    On the other hand, I used to use about 500 MB per month on my BlackBerry 7 devices. With my Z10 I use less than 200 per month. So it is all in how to set it up and use of it.
    How much more data does OS10 use vs OS7?-img_20150323_164145.png

    03-23-15 03:42 PM
  8. joeldf's Avatar
    On my Torch 9800, I used about 200-300 MB a month... average.

    When I switched to my Z10, my usage jumped to 2-2.5 GB.

    After I deleted the Facebook app (which I only checked once a week or so), my usage dropped to 1-1.5 GB a month.

    By the way, I'm on wi-fi the entire time I'm at home, and about 80% of the time at work.

    Looking at my data usage on my phone, there are apps that seem to use mobile data even while on wi-fi. And checking my usage on the AT&T site, I see huge chunks of data every couple of nights going over the mobile network that occur during the early morning hours whole I'm asleep and, if course, still on my home wi-fi. I have yet to figure what that's all about.

    And diagnostics is turned off.

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    03-23-15 04:03 PM
  9. OneofLittleHarmony's Avatar
    So compression for os7 only works on text, and a little on images. I

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    03-23-15 04:12 PM
  10. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    So compression for os7 only works on text, and a little on images. I

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    Images and video are, for the most part heavily compressed already.

    03-23-15 07:43 PM
  11. filanto's Avatar
    Make sure you close the browser in case you have it on a site with video advertising or other video feeds. I went from 75% of my data from 90% quickly without touching my phone. I had it on a news site and the volume was so low I didn't know about the live streaming on the website
    03-23-15 09:51 PM
  12. filanto's Avatar
    With my 9850 I used about 700 meg. Now with my Zed10 10-13 gig. It is far more fun than the old phone
    03-23-15 09:53 PM

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