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    I am on BlackBerry Z10 and Z3. In my Z3 device memory is just 8 GB. I am unable to download apps. Though I have 36 GB of media card and want certain application to be saved on media card. How to move application from device to media card? Any help.

    Posted via CB10
    09-09-15 06:21 PM
  2. monolith82's Avatar
    I don't think you can. I'm using unlocked Q10 and was looking on this forum some time ago for similar question and did not find any solution. All posts I found were stating that it is impossible apparently due to security reasons implemented by BlackBerry.

    --- Monolith --- Q10SQN100-3/
    09-09-15 06:29 PM
  3. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    Apps can only be installed to the device memory.
    You will need to decide what you want to keep installed, and uninstall the rest.
    You can free up some space on the device memory by moving all your media, documents, and downloads to the SD card.

    However, for Android apps, you normally can download the free versions as the .APK installer file. Those you can store on your SD card and install at a later time from the SD card. It will still install to device memory, but atleast to have a "hard copy" to use to re-install it while offline at anytime.
    SNAP will allow you to install and save a copy of the installer file of free apps from Google Play.
    Snap - Red Light Of Love, Ltd.
    09-09-15 06:30 PM

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