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    Hi there, i wish to make some interviews, recording them with an external mic

    (Sony stm 10: Sony STM10 Microphone stro pour Tlphone portable Sony:Amazon.fr:Image & Son Micro & Photo ).

    It says that it works with jacks supporting 5 poles of audio connectors , and as you can guess, i dont have a clue of how many of them are supported by my q10.

    Cause i dont want to put money on a blind hole, if somebody is able to answer, i would be delighted to hear it.

    How many poles of audio connecter on the Jack ? (about using an external mic)-sony-stm10.jpg

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    03-16-15 05:04 PM
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    It won't work, it's output only.

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    03-16-15 05:24 PM
  3. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    It is a 4 pole, or 4 ring connector, but also needs a certain resistance across two of the rings. These might work:


    03-16-15 05:31 PM
  4. kokijak's Avatar
    Thank you for this fast replying !
    I will look deeper on your link richard.

    I was originally wishing an xy mic, but finally i will take what is available for that. Thanks again

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    03-16-15 06:02 PM

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