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    Here is my email from EE after asking if I they could close my case before it goes to the ombudsman. They said they still sort out the problem either way, said yes close it, then changed my mind as I didn't like the idea of my case being closed while not yet being fixed. So they re opened my case which gives them another eight weeks to fix it before it goes to the ombudsman. Here is the problem sent to me via email from EE

    After a lot of investigation we have found that BB10 devices specifically the Passport and the Classic have an incompatibility with IPv6.* Due to dwindling reserves of IPv4 Addresses all ISP’s (be that mobile or fixed (such as virgin/BT)) are moving their data networks to IPv6 addressing.* **In our case within the last few months we have moved the traffic on our network over 4G services over to Mainly IPv6 Addressing.*
    This is what caused the issue that you currently face and we are implementing a back end fix in the near future that will mean that the IMEI ranges for the effected devices will no longer connect to data over 4G on a IPv6 Connection instead Defaulting to IPv4 Addressing

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    04-28-17 11:13 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Very interesting situation...

    What OS are you on? Wonder if 10.3.3 would have better IPv6 compatibility?
    04-28-17 02:46 PM
  3. Paul Willcox's Avatar
    You should read this thread as I've been discussing, along with others, the same problem along with a potential solution


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    04-29-17 03:36 PM
  4. rthonpm's Avatar
    Wow. It sounds as if your carrier doesn't have a good grasp on basic networking or had a poor plan for changing over to v6. My Classic, and Q10 before it, have both been using IPv6 without issues (I'm on Verizon). Hopefully you're able to get some kind of favourable resolution in your dispute.

    I helped a few of my customers in an internal v6 network upgrade, and several odd things came up so even something that should be quite simple can end up being more difficult than it appears on the surface.

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    05-01-17 04:02 PM
  5. Mark Rahaman's Avatar
    Hi guys I'm on the latest software. Yes EE have messed up as its now going on 9 weeks. It's a shame as I had to purchase another line and move everyone, mmy business groups over to whatapps. Most of my clients were happy with this but not all of them. Before this I was still using whatapp on passport Se, and have a samsung s7 edge for social media, I would use the samsung only over WiFi or via a Hotspot from my passport, but along with bbm problem the Hotspot also stopped working. I hung onto the passport as its great for productivity and emails as well as writing documents.

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    05-01-17 04:13 PM

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