1. KNEBB's Avatar
    There are certain apps, I haven't found a better work-around alternative on BlackBerry World. But, because I'm using BlackBerry, I was able to incorporate an Android app, in those instances.

    Depending on the type and function of the app my device would experience running warmer for a time. I assumed it's because the app is in the process of integrating into the device and things are being process behind the scenes.
    If this is close to true, is there a way to judge how long the process might take (a system indicator, app or something in the setting)? Certain apps would seem to need to update more frequently than others.
    And I'm attempting not to overtax my device.

    A BlackBerry Fan!!!
    02-18-17 11:34 AM
  2. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    There is no one specific answer to this because different apps are "integrating" different things and they are going to vary drastically from one to the other on how they affect the performance of your device.

    One thing that is worth doing, however, is find your permission settings in your security options. Disable any apps that might be taxing your device from both being able to "run in background" and "run when minimized." This will significantly improve your device performance and battery life.

    Also, if you use many Android apps, it might be worth downloading a decent task manager app that will allow you to see (and close) any Android apps that might hiding behind the scenes on you.
    02-18-17 11:42 AM
  3. KNEBB's Avatar
    Thank you. I did download BlackBerry Google I.D. and turned everything off I could. But perhaps there a better app out there I should invest in.

    Much appreciated.

    A BlackBerry Fan!!!
    02-18-17 12:07 PM
  4. early2bed's Avatar
    It's inefficiency, not integration. The device is warmer because the app is using more resources than it would if run on native hardware. Modern smartphone operating systems are designed to conserve battery life and other resources by shutting down app processes as much as possible when they are not needed. Anytime you add some kind of interpretation layer or workaround to make an app run on a platform it was not designed and tested on then you add inefficiency.

    Think about what happens if you put the wrong gas into your car. There's more knocking and tailpipe emissions. It won't get better with time.
    02-18-17 01:58 PM

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