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    My Passport's display failed the other day and I had to go buy a new Passport. For the old phone, I was able to connect to Sachesi and perform a full back up (~7 GB). I've been trying to restore that backup onto the new Passport, but with no success.

    Does anyone know of a way I can restore the back up onto my new device? The backup was taken two days ago and the new Passport was updated to the latest

    My first attempt with Sachesi failed at 27%. I've tried again and gotten to 60% but it failed. Every time it will fail with the same error:

    "There was an error loading the backup file. The device encountered an unrecoverable bug. It is not designed to restore this backup."

    I've tried Link, but Link keeps dying whenever I click on the back up file. I've tried to restore via media card, but only some basic things were restored.
    12-16-16 07:01 PM
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    Here's everything you'll ever need to know about switching to a new device.

    Switch to a new device - BlackBerry Link for Windows - 1.2.4

    Also, in your "set up" app (not settings) set up, you'll find the 5th heading down that reads: "switching devices.(coincidence or did they put it there on purpose) it gives you several choices and a tutorial that practically does the switch by itself.

    Just for further issues you may have down the road.... while we absolutely love to help solve problems and thanks to all the folks for keeping us happy in that department, I always mention that to get the best possible answers to most issues, NOTHING comes close to the Help and tutorial apps. And it's more fun than fun food! For the most part, it talks to you so you don't have to read it yourself and they even have step by step pictures to make it even more fun.

    Ad fun food to the fun tutorials and what you'll get is: more fun than a human should have in a lifetime.
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    12-17-16 05:14 AM
  3. u4ria's Avatar
    Doesn't work. Tried all that already. On step 1 when it says "click on your device", Link never shows my new device. Even if it did, Link always crashes when you specify the backup file to restore. I tried Run as Administrator, compatibility modes, name it..tried it. Furthermore, I tried using a computer with Win7 and Link still would crash!
    12-17-16 11:51 AM

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