1. ksantor's Avatar
    Get your BlackBerry
    Put it on a table
    Go outside and enjoy your life!

    Sorry, but there are just too many for no real reason angry people here. And while some claims are legitimate (hate Assistant myself for ex.), crying on every corner, that 10.3.1 is bad, or worse than 10.2.1 is well...
    Enjoy your life guys and girls!

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    02-21-15 01:15 AM
  2. conbrio29's Avatar
    Well said

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    02-21-15 01:19 AM
  3. bER1Nry's Avatar
    I have only 1 complaint... okay I lied 2 but they are very legitimate reasons.

    First I'll just let this beautiful picture explain
    How to fix all (almost) bugs in 10.3.1-z30-calendar-close-november.png

    okay and my notification volume level is all messed up now its just kinda lame. Media volume is not affected, but yeah.

    that's it otherwise I'm loving every bit of 10.3.1! Great job BlackBerry. there is no way I can put my phone down right now I'm having too much fun checking everything out. just got it today.

    | bER1Nry | on the |  Q10 |
    02-21-15 01:22 AM
  4. The Big Picture's Avatar
    I would recommend NOT updating OTA. Use BlackBerry link at the very least and back up before hand.

    If you are like me. Do a complete fresh install with no restore.

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    02-21-15 03:54 AM

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