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How to downgrade from OS

Asked: Apr 19 2016 | 9:18 pm EDT 6094 Views 4 Answers View Best Answer

I have an unlocked Z30 and I updated to the latest OS back in January and like many others, I am having issues with battery life. Before the update I could go up to 2 days on one charge. Now my phone uses over 10% an hour in standby with no apps open. (I've tried several phone resets, Hub resets, installed Andriod runtime fix, disabling apps running in the background, nothing seems to work. I had hoped 10.3.3 would fix it...)

Anyway, so my question is: Can I roll back to the OS I had before updating? I have tried restoring my phone using backups I made, but that only seems to restore apps and data, not the actual OS version.

I'm not sure if a factory reset would restore the phone to the OS version it had when I purchased it? or perhaps using an autoloader is my only option? I have never used an autoloader before, if someone could point me towards a beginners guide that would be a big help.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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Apr 19 2016 | 10:02 pm EDT brookie229

Which OS did you have before? You can go back to lower versions of 10.3.2.xxxx by using an autoloader, but if you are coming from anything less than (?) you cannot revert less than this because of the addition of Blackberry Protect to the OS. I most definitely will be corrected if my version is incorrect .

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Apr 19 2016 | 10:14 pm EDT Doggerz was a great version. Like Brookie said, download an autoloader and go for that version.

As far as 10.3.3 - with this maniac Chen who stood by and let a corrupt version 2876 stand and did nothing to pull it from the servers or push a good update, it's clear to me he WANTS this defective ART to remain part of the OS. I wouldn't count on 10.3.3 improving anything.

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Apr 20 2016 | 11:05 am EDT SolarBear28

I have been updating regularly, I believe I had Would I be able to use a newer backup with that OS? or will I have to use the backup I made when I had

Apr 20 2016 | 5:37 pm EDT SolarBear28

Thank you brookie229 and Doggerz for your help.

My first go with an autoloader went well, I followed the guide here: http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...loader-927076/ and downloaded the autoloader here: BlackBerry OS Autoloader Free Download I used my backup from January just to be sure it would work with the older OS.

After letting the phone settle and resetting the phone a few times everything seems good. There is no more lag when typing on the virtual keyboard and the system CPU process is no longer wrecking havoc on the battery. I will post some observations here for newbies like myself who haven't done this before:

Before the autoloader ran its magic, I had to type my password (and press enter) in the command line that pops up.
After going through the setup process (Blackberry ID, connecting to Wi-Fi etc.) the phone immediately tried to download the update.
I had to install the SD card driver a few times before the SD card was recognized.

Restore with Backup:
I had to complete certain parts of the setup process (like connecting to Wi-Fi) before Link would recognize my device (connected over USB) and I could begin the backup.
After restoring the phone with a backup, my wallpaper settings weren't saved, and my apps asked me to confirm their permissions. Also, my notification profiles on the quick settings screen froze and got stuck when trying to change between them. I fixed this by going to the main settings and removed then re-added the profiles to the quick settings screen.

It was a little nerve wracking but I'm extremely happy I did it. Hopefully now I don't need to have my phone tethered to a charger all day!