1. tony adams's Avatar
    phone has never had an IT policy as far as i know - it IS second hand but came from a friend who got it on contract from Vodafone UK - it was unlocked by them

    i want to update BBM but it says update fails because phone has IT policy or similar words

    2nd phone - from same source has updated fine - only difference is that that one is on EE and has not been unlocked

    not done anything else to try and remove policy - guess thats my next question - can it be removed if it is there



    i should add BBM works - but something will not let me update to the latest version
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    07-08-15 01:15 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Does Vodafone charge extra for BBM? I know some European carriers do this. Perhaps THEY set the IT policy, or it's something in the firmware put there by Vodafone to monetize BBM.
    07-08-15 01:20 PM

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