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    Hi -

    I'm currently using the z30.

    Lately, I've noticed email addresses for contacts disappearing - the contact card remains, but the email field gets deleted. Some contacts delete all the email address while others might delete one of them. It's hard to tell how many this has happened to, but I've noticed a few of them recently.

    I currently have 1500+ contacts that I sync through outlook.com. Because I want my personal address book to mirror my work address book, I also have linked identical address entries through a workspace account. Whenever I edit a contact card, I do it on my phone manually so that it will update both my workspace and outlook.com accounts.

    Typically, when I remove and reinstall my outlook.com account, all the addresses link up through the BB10 contact app and there are no duplicates - as each entry is identical, this makes sense. However, over time (couple months), I start to see duplicate entries appear for some people. When the duplicate entry is created, it doesn't say where the source is (work, outlook or local).

    As a loyal blackberry user since 2005, I've always seemed to have some frustrations with the contact management system.... I'm not willing to give up yet, but would love for things to work smoothly most of the time.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to explain what it is going on and how to fix it.
    03-16-15 01:20 PM

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