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    BB classic

    I have no technical terms for this, just annoyance. I can not seem to have more than one operation at a time. If I need to reference a mail I have to restart in hub. It does not keep multiple mails open to go back and forth between for referencing etc. I will often reference 3 emails at a time to produce a new letter and find it frustrating I have to restart each time in hub and search out the older messages buried in the list.

    the same type of trouble when browsing. If I am in browser and click to call/mail it goes to those functions in browser. I want to reference browser again, it goes to the function mail/phone and I have to back out to browser. It does not open these things independently.

    Is this something I have to live with or is there a setting/workaround?
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    10-18-15 03:57 PM
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    I would wish work wide to be capable of this... I have it, but never use it...

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    10-18-15 06:03 PM
  3. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    Flag the messages you are referring to. They will be in Remember under Flagged Messages. Then compose your new message in the Hub and switch to Remember to view the messages as you need.

    10-18-15 06:06 PM

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