1. deancgrubb's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I will cut to the point...I just can not find a solution, and the Setting up an email alias on BB10 guide does not work...and any other threads just go dead...anyone had any success???

    Using Z30, with, official release from Rogers

    Have the following:

    POP Email: me-at-mydomain-dot-com
    Forwarded To: me-at-gmail-dot-com

    Receiving emails is fine, but for business purposes (conversations, searching and using multiple devices) I need all emails contained within GMAIL...when I reply to an email it always returns to customer as me-at-gmail-dot-com...I want me-at-mydomain-dot-com...just the same as my PC or Android tablet.

    Seems the only answer right now is using the Gmail mobile browser, but I love the Hub and everything with it.

    Any answers, solutions or experience with this? Even work arounds?
    02-26-15 12:18 AM
  2. tonybatte's Avatar
    Maybe try not worrying about it and just enjoy the extra security BlackBerry offers you and your customers. Everything will be fine.
    02-27-15 12:29 PM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    you'd have to add your domain acct separately - only way to use the hub that way
    02-27-15 12:49 PM
  4. Traxxmy's Avatar
    Just set both your own domain and Gmail emails account in hub. Can't see what is your issue. I have few emails account in my hub and one of them is using my own domain.

    Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808. FilePLAY Music Player
    02-27-15 12:57 PM

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