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    My wife was playing with her Z30 today and she happened to tap the voicemail key. She was surprised to find that a voicemail had come in for her three days ago from her doctor, and she didn't know about it.

    So the question is, is there a setting that gets the phone to make some kind of sound if there's an unheard voicemail, until the sound is switched off? Or, alternatively, it could flash the notification light, in a color that we could set that was only used for voicemail. Again, that would last till the voicemail is picked up. We both want this to function like the flashing light on our (boring old but still very useful) landline.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    04-22-15 12:57 AM
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    From my experience I noticed I wouldn't be notified of voice-mail if my data connection wasn't on (not Wifi), this may be due to Visual Voice-mail being active. I would check first to see if Data was on, then I would go to NOTIFICATIONS>NORMAL>CUSTOMIZE APP NOTIFICATIONS and check the phone and Visual Voice-mail settings. Also be sure her phone's profile is not set to silent, vibrate, or bed-side mode. I'm not sure if the duration of the light can be modified

    But since she didn't notice she had a voicemail, I assume the VM icon didn't show in the hub?
    How do I get my BB10 device to notify me of received voicemail?-img_20150422_071401.png

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    04-22-15 09:20 AM
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    Thanks very much for this, tuxedo323. Sorry for the delay in thanking you; I haven't been on CB for a few days; other duties call!

    I set up the app notification as you had suggested - a good idea, now she's got a yellow flashing LED for voicemails. Actually, the truth is that she didn't notice the icon in the hub. I'm not sure why, but I did some testing on my Passport and I've noticed that, if you have the lock screen on, when you unlock and you have a VM, you get a notification window offering to Dismiss or Snooze the VM. If you dismiss, you lose the notification icon and the LED. I wonder if it's possible to eliminate the notification window?

    Thanks again,

    04-30-15 11:05 PM
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    One of the things that BB removed that chaps my hide, the old BBOS system put a side laying, figure 8 looking icon next to the clock on the main desktop to indicate a message was waiting. We need a constant reminder instead of just something on the lock screen. This can't be that major to add...
    04-30-15 11:22 PM

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