1. 6uiw's Avatar
    I want to use 3G only how to stop my BlackBerry from geting Best connection? Any App or solution? My internet works perfect only in 3G and i dont wanna be chaged to H+
    06-14-15 02:27 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    H+ is just faster H, which is 3G. Is your carrier charging you by speed or something?

    Anyway...short of escreens, try this: go into Settings>Network and Connections>Mobile Network, and under Network Mode, look for something that doesn't include H+, so something like 2G, 2G &3G, etc.

    Keep in mind, these choices are provisioned by your carrier so you may or may not see options that exclude H+. My carrier, for example, calls H+ 4G, and I don't see any options where 3G is without 4G. So I have 4G & 3G, 4G & 3G & 2G, etc. I don't have 3G & 2G.
    06-14-15 02:44 PM
  3. user5240's Avatar
    Also currious, why do you want to disable
    06-14-15 03:08 PM
  4. Morten's Avatar
    H+ is 3G...

    Only LTE Advanced can call itself 4G ...
    06-14-15 07:30 PM
  5. oystersourced's Avatar
    H+ is 3G...

    Only LTE Advanced can call itself 4G ...
    It is much faster than 3G.

    HSDPA was referred to as 3.5G and HSPA+ is comparable to LTE.

    Posted via CB10
    06-14-15 07:41 PM
  6. Morten's Avatar
    I'm not getting into that debate again, but you can thank ignorant carriers and their marketing departments for all the confusion.

    3.5G don't exist as a standard either

    ITU is the organization who defined the 2G and 3G standard, and they have told all this time, that 4G is "undefined" - and that HSPA, and LTE, including LTE+, are all comparable, based on the 3gpp standard

    the speed you get, is all based on the carriers implementation of things, and HSPA/+ and LTE/+ are nothing more than what You call 3G with a bit more speed

    There are those who get max 3Mbps from HSPA+ today ...

    I get what you asked in your first question, I just find it bad that people don't start calling a spade for a spade.

    The fact that many mis-label technology, does not make it right.

    as for the radio, how to turn Off certain features, - That all depends on your carrier. Some allow you to only have 2G radio enabled, but other carriers force you to to always have all ON.

    Only way to find out what goes for you, is to check in Settings/Mobile Networks, and see what Network modes you can choose from
    06-14-15 07:58 PM
  7. oystersourced's Avatar
    I appreciate you found it necessary to explain however I am aware of the standards and the technical implementations. As I said HSDPA was referred to as 3.5G, I don't see what the issue with this label is because it shows that it's something more than standard 3G.

    HSPA+ may be an extension of standard 3G but it's comparable performance to LTE. HSPA+ is in many ways closer to LTE than it is to standard 3G.

    Posted via CB10
    06-14-15 08:36 PM

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