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    I need help to clean install 10.3.1 when it lands officially.

    Device: Z10; Model:100-1; Shipped OS:10.1; Upgraded OS:10.2.1
    Apps: Native Apps from BBW, Android Ports from BBW, Android Apps from Amazon Apps Store, Android APK Installed via Development Mode (Yes, a year back I used to do that)
    Issues faced: Sudden battery drains (average 1 instant per month), heat generated (average 2 per month), App icons wont open apps (2 so far), Auto reboot (once)

    After using it for more than a year, I am now comfortable with BlackBerry Native apps. So far I have installed lot of apps via sources as mentioned above and deleted them. I used to delete from the menu page itself by long pressing the icon and hitting the recycle bin. But I am not sure whether this action will delete the entire files associated with the App. As an example I downloaded 'Twittly' and used it for a month and deleted. But within Hub, twittly was there for quite long time. And suddely disappeared. So I am not sure how the associated links work when an App is deleted.

    Now when I check the device/misc/Android folder, it is sitting at 884 MB. That seems a lot to me as I don't use Android Apps except three and they are also not data generating apps, just info apps. And also of opinion that the issues mentioned above are something to do with this.

    So I am thinking that I should get rid of all these data by way of wiping and do a clean install of 10.3.1 official.

    For that, I have two questions.
    1. How to do back up for important data on device?

    Once a month I back up via Link in my Mac. But through forums, it seems that if a link back up is restored after new OS installation/upgrade all the issues will crop up (or at least will creep in) in new OS also.

    The only back ups I may require are
    1. BBM chats
    2. My Accountant data
    3. Password Keeper
    4. Dayly
    5. BB Map Bookmarks
    6. Calendar data
    7. Remember data
    8. Cascarun Pro data
    9. Navfree bookmarks
    10. Data Usage counter data

    I have Ultimate backup also, which I may use to back up some of the above. But I am not clear whether I will be able to get all data.

    2. How to do a clean install completely?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    P.S: After new installation, I will be limiting Android apps to only one. That is the hope. :-)
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    I hadn't done a backup in while. So this info might be inaccurate. Hopefully, another user will post corrections.

    For the bbm chats, BlackBerry stores some recent part of the chat. I have this problem as well. I would have to take photos of the whole chat. Backup apps can't backup the chats.

    I don't know if that is an app, but if it is an excel file, save the files to the computer by using Wifi access, usb mass storage mode, etc. If it is an app, see if the app has an export option in the settings.

    For password keeper, you can export the passwords from the settings menu. And you can import them later. (if you use unencrypted mode, the passwords will be exported as an excel file)

    For the rest, I have no idea. Perhaps, you would have to restore partial data using BlackBerry Link (if they have added this option).

    For the clean install, you would have to use BlackBerry Link. Use the reload OS or software option.

    Posted using the CB app on my Z10 (10.2.1)
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    Clean install:
    You can reload your OS via Link. Just make sure, to disable update auto download in Link (if I remember, there was such an option). It will install 10.2.1, then you will be able to go for OTA on your device.

    Should be like that.

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    Thanks for the help.

    I have checked in Link and yes, restoring to factory setting is possible. That means, even without 10.3.1 right now I can do that to get rid of unwanted application data.

    Also I have noticed, that from the back up available, I can restore Application data and/or Device setting and local cal/cont data.

    I just want to understand that after restoring OS, if only Application Data is restored, whether it will lead to the same earlier device status or only those data which belongs to installed application (after OS restore) will be restored.

    Thanks for your help.

    (In my OP for the first question, I have found out most of the apps have backup/restore feature as well. So only I have to figure out how to get BB's own apps data back after restoring.)
    01-21-15 11:44 AM

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