1. EFats's Avatar
    My Z10 is on 10.3.3 (OTA, no autoloader). I seem to have lost the ability to delete application data.
    I used to bring up the Device Monitor, then select the App and it will tell me how much storage the app is using and how much data it is using.
    There used to be a button to delete the app data. I'm certain because I had a game (BB10, not Android) chewing up over 1GB of data, so I deleted it because it was rarely used, this was back on 10.3.2.
    Next time I used it was after a 10.3.3 upgrade just a few weeks ago and it had to re-download all of the data, but now I can no longer see the delete button for the data. (The app has not been updated so it's not like the feature is removed from the app)

    Has it gone somewhere else? Is there another way to do it? There is a "Delete" button, but this is to basically uninstall the app.
    06-24-17 12:16 AM
  2. ppeters914's Avatar
    Still there for me. I'd add a screenshot, but CB10 app no longer let's me.

    Posted via CB10 / AT&T /Z10 STL100-3 /
    06-24-17 03:47 PM
  3. EFats's Avatar
    I poked around, but I only see it for Android apps which have a "Clear data" button.
    This is factory unlocked Z10, not from carrier.
    06-24-17 04:18 PM
  4. ppeters914's Avatar
    Oops......you're right. /slaps head

    Posted via CB10 / AT&T /Z10 STL100-3 /
    06-24-17 05:26 PM

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