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    I am in Canada and prefer the DD/MM/YY setting over the MM/DD/YY that is the default. The only way I have found is to change my region in the Settings > Language and Input to United Kingdom (English). If I put Canada (English) I still get MM/DD/YY. Is there another way?

    Now another and unforseen problem - after changing over, the BlackBerry dots have disappeared from between the WiFi and network indicators. I've tried several reboots and nothing. I've changed all the settings back to how I remember them. Help! The date is still wrong and now no BBM possible. Data is working. My other phones (WiFi only and untouched -- one on UK English, one on Canadian English) work fine on BBM.

    I may have solved my own problem but will leave this here in case others have the same issue. When I finally gave up and removed the Rogers SIM from my Q10 to put it in the working Z10, I then got the BB dots indicating connection to the BB server on the Q10 (now WiFi only) and never lost them on the Z10 (now with the SIM in it). I then changed the Q10's Language to English (UK) and Region settings to United Kingdom (English) before re-inserting the SIM card in it. After insertion, the BB symbol returned. Don't know for certain why.
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    12-01-13 03:48 AM
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    I believe changing language is the only way to set that up...

    As for you being able to access BlackBerry servers (the dots), it was probably a minor connectivity issue between BlackBerry and your carrier.

    Still, glad to know it is all working!
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    12-01-13 09:18 AM
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    BlackBerry had server issues this morning.

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    12-01-13 12:56 PM

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