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    Im using a Passport and a Q10 (both with their latest official versions of OS 10.3.1).
    Both devices sync with my Google calendar account. Everything worked fine for a long time. But for a few days Im having trouble syncing.

    First I mentioned, that nearly all calendar events were deleted but I didnt had mentioned that I did that!

    After recovering the deleted events with a Google calendar tool all events showed up in Google and in both devices as well. After a few hours I mentioned that a lot of calendar events (especially reccuring events) disappeared from both devices but not from my Google calendar on the web.

    Are the any explanations or ideas for this strange behavior?

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    05-03-15 12:50 PM
  2. Stef007's Avatar
    Did you try to remove both accounts/calendars and add them back?

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    05-05-15 09:36 PM

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