1. kerobert's Avatar
    I have a STL100-3 Z10 running 10.3.1
    BB Maps stopped working in many aspects with the official 10.3.1 update.
    I sideloaded a bar file of bb maps but now it stalls when opening and closes.
    It can't be deleted. BB world won't let me download and install the new version.
    If anyone has the 10.3.1 file, I'd appreciate it.


    03-25-15 12:47 PM
  2. LP_Rigg's Avatar
    Did you try installing from the desktop version of BB World? It should allow you to install the latest version from there, unlike the device app.
    03-25-15 01:14 PM
  3. kerobert's Avatar
    That did it, thanks so much.
    Opens and works now.
    What used to happen was that as it was voicing directions via bluetooth it would stop mid sentence or just not provide voice commands at all.
    Will try it later today to see if anything has changed.

    Thanks again!

    03-25-15 03:32 PM

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