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    I had downloaded the OS version that corrects the Z10 rebooting error but have had my Z10 heating up and having extremely poor battery life. Battery lasts 3hours or less now and all I don't is chat for a few mind on BBM, although i have emails, Facebook and Twitter running. I had all that running before the upgrade too so very easy to detect the drop. I've tried to return to the OS10.1.0.273 but each time i do a swipe and restore to factory settings, it has the same latest OS updated on it, hence nothing improves. Can anyone tell me how to restore to an older OS rather than having the latest junk on my phone?
    07-14-13 03:54 AM
  2. BruvvaPete's Avatar
    07-14-13 07:20 AM
  3. Seabreeze101's Avatar
    Heating? That sounds like a radio issue.
    Have you tried turning off your NFR and bluettoth?

    Posted via CB10
    07-14-13 07:44 AM
  4. soapydarren's Avatar
    This has always been my issue with blackberry and 6months after its re birth, people are saying it's early days and they'll get better. they'd spent many years on BBOS and grew too slowly, they're here with BB10 and the experience for me only gets worse. I've tried every method suggested and surprisingly find that bblink is about the most useless app ever developed by the firm. It identifies the device and asks if I want to restore, i cluck yes and all it does is reboot the device...i restore over the air and instead, i have the same latest OS....it has become impossible to do a factory reset and the battery life is as good as nonexistent...it's a shame that they can't do anything to convince to stay with the platform as it gets worse by the day. if i cannot handle simple issues luke this, then I think it's time to forget the phone in a wardrobe somewhere. Thanks though for the suggestions.
    07-14-13 04:00 PM

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