1. entine's Avatar
    OKAY SO the old blackberrys Before q10 and z10, HAD the advanced file manager. I regularly deleted temp files, .peu files, caches, and through escreen I could go further and delete the logs etc.

    The bb10 doesn't seem to have this option - when I use an app like Photo Editor Ultimate, it asks me to save the photo, so I choose I Will Choose Where to Save Photo To - and I can scroll through literally every single file that is embedded in my device and sd card, yet I cannot access these any other way. THIS is what I need - access to THESE "hidden" files like I used to be able to.

    Any ideas??
    02-21-15 01:04 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Android apps all look into /device/misc. There are shortcuts for all your media folders there (downloads, documents, images, music, etc).

    It's just a matter of knowing where you are. Move out of /misc and you'll have access to /device/.

    If you want the SD card, /external_SD/ is your goal.

    The File Manager app gives you access to everything you need to access BUT system files.
    02-21-15 01:07 PM

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