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    I'm trying to set an appointment that only happens on the 5th Sunday of all months that have a fifth Sunday in them. I can't get the calendar to do that.

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    06-19-16 04:40 PM
  2. baarn's Avatar
    That's a fairly unusual requirement and I would also agree it is not possible in Calendar with a recurrence.

    TBH, since there are only four months that fit the requirement in 2016, I think your best bet is just to add each one manually for a year or two. You can add a note to the last one to remind yourself to add more if necessary.
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    06-19-16 05:47 PM
  3. BBuso77's Avatar
    It can be done.

    Select repeats custom. Then weeks.

    How can I create an every 5th Sunday calendar entry?-img_20160620_072239.png

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    06-20-16 06:24 AM
  4. BBuso77's Avatar
    Sorry. I just realized you only wanted it for the months with the 5th Sunday.

    That won't work that I know of.

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    06-20-16 06:26 AM
  5. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    I checked with my Outlook.com and Google calendars. Neither will do this. The best you can do is the last Sunday.

    06-20-16 08:58 AM
  6. anon(1723145)'s Avatar
    It really won't take long to do it manually.

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    06-20-16 09:21 AM

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