1. bull_thumper's Avatar
    Question: I am presently traveling and want to use the hotspot feature instead of the hotel Wi-Fi service.

    My problem is that I keep getting disconnected. I used my Android tablet to look at the Wi-Fi signals and see that the hotel has a router nearby with a super strong signal on the same channel that I suspect is competing with my signal. (Their pipe must be very small or severely limited on a per-user basis as I'm only getting 128k download speeds.)

    There are open Wi-Fi channel bands available and I would like to set my BlackBerry to use one of those but I cannot find the setting... assuming that there might be one. Does anyone know where to find that setting?

    I am using a Verizon BlackBerry Z30 with the as blessed by the carrier.

    11-09-14 11:06 AM
  2. Joshu42's Avatar
    I guess your tablet is disconnected from your BlackBerry Wi-Fi Hot-spot because you forget to plug you phone to a power source.

    You can go to Settings > Network and Connections > Mobile Hotspot and then tap on the advanced setting icon at the bottom (the two sliders icon). Add more time to the Inactivity Timer.
    Hotspot Wi-Fi channel setting?-img_20141109_202246_edit.png
    11-09-14 01:27 PM
  3. cbvinh's Avatar
    Joshu42's hypothesis sounds correct. Usually multiple hotspots on the same channel causes slower data throughput and not disconnections.
    11-09-14 01:49 PM
  4. bull_thumper's Avatar
    Thanks guys for your replies. I've been travelling back from that location.

    The hot spot feature was staying on. I already had the time maxed out. Also battery / AC power was not an issue on either device.

    The Android device showed full bars and then would go to none and then come back.

    I knew I had a signal issue because I walked outside with my phone and tablet and then the connections remained. Even a few feet down the hall made a difference.

    I had checked and saw that the strongest hotel Wi-Fi and my hotspot were both on channel 10.

    Then I happen to run across the the manager on duty and he said one of their Wi-Fi routers was adjacent to my room. He opened the closet and there it was, a Yagi aimed right into my room.

    With that knowledge in hand, I used the Wi-Fi analyzer on my Android device and confirmed that the corner of my room 90 degrees from their antenna output had a signal strength averaing 21 dB lower. In fact, the Z30 and Android tablet worked well enough there.

    All that said, I still wish there was a way to change the channel on the Z30. I work with specialized equipment in the 2.4 GHz bands and I would really like to set my Z30 to where it will not interfere with the hopping patterns of that equipment.

    Thanks again for your responses.
    11-11-14 05:13 PM
  5. Joshu42's Avatar
    Maybe in a next update. BB10 is still very young
    11-11-14 05:35 PM

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