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    Hi there!

    Over the last week my z10 has started behaving strangely. There are three things that I have noticed which are slightly annoying. The first is when using the Facebook app. The "loading circle" now appears for 10 - 15 seconds whenever I start the app where as it used to be almost instantaneous. The app has also now started to no longer show any contacts in the Facebook Chat portion of the app or any new Facebook messages that have been sent to me. The Newsfeed updates fine. This seems to happen at random every 2 days or so but once it does happen, the only thing I can do to get it to work correctly is to reset the phone. The second is that I have started to use twitter (something new for me... not all that dialed in when it comes to social media). The app seems to work fine but none of my tweets appear in the Hub although the people I'm following now appear in my Contacts list. Finally, the third thing is that the Browser now has this thing where it shows it has loaded a webpage (blue loading bar on the bottom shows the webpage has fully loaded) but the only thing that is displayed is a blank white page. The blank page allows me to scroll up and down in various degrees so it's like the phone senses that something's there, it's just not displaying it properly. The problem seems to happen at random and with random webpages. If I try going back to the same webpage a few minutes later, it tends to work fine. I haven't made any updates to the phone or downloaded any new apps so I'm not too sure why it has started to do this. The only thing I've started to do differently is I've begun playing Real Racing 3 but I can't see why that would make a difference. I'm running OS

    Has anybody else encountered these issues? Any ideas on what can be done to resolve them? (And no thanks on the whole loading a leaked OS thing... only a few more weeks and I should be able to load it officially anyways!). The constant re-setting of my phone is starting to bring me back to the Battery pull days with my Torch. I love this phone and always have defend my choice in phone to my friends so when little things like this go wrong it frustrates me that much more. Looking to the community for advice! Thanks in advance!
    09-29-13 02:52 PM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I'm sorry but really the things you mention can be easily solved with a leaked OS.
    09-29-13 03:14 PM
  3. Benjamin_NYC's Avatar
    I have non of those issues. Perhaps you should wipe and reinstall the OS?

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    09-29-13 11:29 PM
  4. ddddafadf's Avatar
    I'm pretty much 200% sure this has nothing to do with the OS. How fast apps load is based on your network.

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    09-30-13 12:23 AM

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