1. drfever's Avatar
    Good day, after setting up an outlook.com active sync account and having it work wonders with scheduling, I'm having trouble with meeting invites.

    When I book a meeting using my outlook.com calendar, when I go to invite participants I get this message

    Help with meeting invites-img_20141028_170920_edit.png

    However as you can see my outlook.com calendar is associated with my outlook
    Com email associated to the calendar.

    When I add participants I still get the message in the first picture.

    Can anyone help with this issue?
    Help with meeting invites-20141028171535.jpg

    Posted from my Z30 on CB10
    10-28-14 04:21 PM
  2. drfever's Avatar
    As usual the best fix is the oldest fix in the book.

    Deleted the email account

    Re-added it and now I can send invites from my outlook active sync calendar.

    Posted from my Z30 on CB10
    10-28-14 04:51 PM

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