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    Greetings, I need help installing my first leak, my Z30 is running on T-Mobile(sta100-5), software release os version, radio I have checked many threads but very confused, some i don't see anything for sta100-5 etc. Is there one site I can go do, plug my usb into phone and get a leak? Or do I have to down load this, then that, then that etc.

    Im just looking for help, click here, next do this, next etc. I know a lot of you have done this, im not that tech savvy, I joined this site for help, I have PM several members that run leaks, some don't even reply back...so again I just want the easiest way to do this,
    Thanks ahead of time
    01-14-14 12:00 PM
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    There isn't much to it, you download the autoloader, run it and that's that.

    Here i the link to the 10.2.1925 thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...ll-q-z-887047/

    So, download from the link for the Z30, ah heck... here you go:
    1. Get this: https://my.bitcasa.com/send/8e0a5509...05bda246215c14 ;
    2. If it's zipped, extract, you want a file ending with .exe. that' the autoloader;
    3. Plug your device to the PC;
    4. Run the autoloader, it will open a DOS command box;
    5. Device will reboot, DOS command will close;
    6. After boot, run the setup again.

    THIS WILL WIPE YOUR DEVICE so if you need to backup something, so it before you run the autoloader. I would suggest you don't restore any backups, this usually messes more things than you want to bother with.
    01-14-14 12:03 PM
  3. 512high's Avatar
    Don't get mad! what is and where can I find "Autoloader"?
    01-14-14 12:04 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    Step 1 make a complete backup with BB Link

    Step 2 download the leak of your choice, probably this one....


    Step 3 run the autoloader from the leak you just downloaded, this will start up a command prompt on your PC prompting you to plug in a device for flashing, and to get your device to flash you must take the battery out, then attach it to your computer via USB, you can then put the battery back in for the best of the process.

    Step 4, when the flash completes, and after you have completed the device initial setup steps, and first few screens, then restore from your backup.
    01-14-14 12:08 PM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    Don't get mad! what is and where can I find "Autoloader"?
    The one marked Z30 is the one you need, but here it is....

    01-14-14 12:09 PM
  6. 512high's Avatar
    pkcable, my z30 doesn't have a removable battery...
    is this for the z30-sta100-5?
    01-14-14 12:29 PM
  7. zocster's Avatar
    pkcable, my z30 doesn't have a removable battery...
    is this for the z30-sta100-5?
    It is for all models

    Sent from whatever device I got my hands on via Tapatalk
    01-14-14 12:37 PM
  8. Hamilton Guy's Avatar
    512High you seem to be still struggling with installing a leak, maybe I can help. With the exception of the Z10 STL-100 (versus the other 3 Z10 models), for each of the other models, Q5, Q10, Z30 the same software works on that model of phone no matter what variant of that phone you have. So for your Z30 there is only one version of the software to download in the OP of the leak thread.

    To install follow these simple steps.
    Preliminary notes: generally these downloads are zip files that open using the free software 7-Zip These instructions are for PCs, I don't believe that you can use this method on a MAC. Re step 9, some people like to re-install everything from scratch rather than doing a restore

    1. Download the correct zip file for your make and model of BB
    2. extract the autoloader.exe file using 7zip
    3. Backup your BB using BBLink. This is necessary because the autoloader will wipe all the data and settings on your device. Note it will not touch data on your SD Card
    4. Close BBLink. keep your PC connected to the BB
    5. Start the autoloader.exe file. This will load the new version of the OS
    6. Go through the initialization process (don't bother to sign in with your BB ID). There is a two step tutorial at the end that you cannot bypass.
    7. Do a security wipe of the phone by going to (this takes about 20 minutes or so) Settings/Security and Privacy/Security Wipe (This is a recommended but not required step, its purpose is to clean any fragments of older OS or other software left on the phone)
    8. Repeat step 6 signing into BB ID this time.
    9. Restore from BBLink. I recommend that you do not do a full restore but restore settings and media first, then restore applications data
    I have found I have to reinput passwords for e-mail, linked in, facebook etc and redo bluetooth connections (don't know why it doesn't save them).

    For an even more in depth post on installing leaks, see this post by jrohland:

    Hope this helps
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    01-14-14 02:41 PM

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