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    I updated my OS to leaked 2708 three days back. Everything was working fine or even better but then I noticed that my device is heating up when in use whether on call or surfing the net. Though the heat is moderate but still noticeable. But yesterday I felt sudden heat in my pocket so I took out the device and it was so much heated up that I switched it off. When I switched it on after a while I noticed a semi circular yellow tinge on the extreme left middle of the screen. I am attaching the screen shot of that. You can have a careful look at it. I am open to your suggestions friends... thanks
    Heating issue after the update to 2708-img_20150401_162435.png
    Heating issue after the update to 2708-img_20150401_162337.png

    Z 10 STL 100-1.
    04-01-15 06:02 AM
  2. buddysteady's Avatar
    Sorry friends. The screen shot didn't capture the yellow circle. I mistook the yellow tinge of my screen and thought it has been captured but it wasn't.

    Z 10 STL 100-1.
    04-01-15 06:06 AM

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