12-29-14 04:08 AM
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  1. RECOOL's Avatar
    looks like the second 10.1 beta has the headphone audio boost Im running 1483.I Im all out of beta testing for now 1483 is pretty good.I can wait for the official updates we get at BB Live event time.
    05-03-13 04:12 PM
  2. sarahrich's Avatar
    Aren't you running the newest leak? It should have the audio boost mine does?
    Attachment 157717
    Attachment 157718
    I have not got the latest leak I have the one before that, so maybe that's my issue? If so then I don't mind just waiting. My OS is STL100-2.

    Posted via CB10
    05-03-13 04:13 PM
  3. ngrover's Avatar
    I am running (recent official update) on Q5 (unlocked) and I do not have the Audio Boost feature. Even the older "Curve" had it; I miss that feature so much.
    06-05-14 03:31 AM
  4. Subramanian's Avatar
    Hi am using blackberry z10 mobile

    and my os is in my mobile there is no headphone volume boost option.... now what i doHeadphone volume Boost Z10?-img_20141229_153314.pngHeadphone volume Boost Z10?-img_20141229_153325.png
    12-29-14 04:08 AM
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