1. mgerbrandt's Avatar
    HD Voice is sooo amazing in BB10. I am surprised no one is talking about it. Does the iPhone or Android do this?

    Also does HD Voice use up your data plan?
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    02-12-13 08:46 PM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    I believe HD voice is a carrier feature. If a phone supports the codecs, it should work. iPhone 5 supports it, not sure about Samsung/Android phones. I don't believe it uses your data plan, even if it does transmit over the data network.
    02-12-13 09:22 PM
  3. battery's Avatar
    Funny. I just noticed this on my Z10. Was wondering what it was.

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    02-12-13 09:36 PM
  4. mgerbrandt's Avatar
    It pretty much the same quality as BBM Voice. It's a neat surprise feature.

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    02-12-13 09:42 PM
  5. randall2580's Avatar
    It is something the carrier must support. In the USA Sprint was supposed to roll it out by end 2012 but I don't believe they confirmed yet. TMobile said at CES it's up and running already on their network - and on 3 phones (GS3, HTC One S and a Nokia phone I don't remember) they currently have in their lineup (and I guess the BB's once they arrive). AT&T rumor is Q3 2013 though all they state is "sometime in 2013" and Verizon said they won't have it until 2014.
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    02-12-13 10:14 PM

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