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    Trying to figure out if this is working correctly, or if it is a bug, and whether or not anyone else is experiencing this problem.


    I'm on my phone, browsing, reading something, editing a picture, or whatever, and receive a toast notification. I quickly scan the banner and see that it isn't something that needs my immediate attention, so I click the "X" to make the notification disappear and to keep the LED from flashing for fifteen minutes.

    Later, I go back to the hub to read the email and can't find it. It has been deleted. Even worse, if it is a text message, the entire conversation has been deleted.

    Any thoughts or insight is appreciated.


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    Give your phone a reset, hold volume up and down till screen turns black. Release and let reboot. usually if something not right is happening give phone A reboot it usually fixes stuff

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    04-05-15 07:20 PM

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