1. WGn199's Avatar
    I am running a BlackBerry Passport with an official OS.

    My phone was charging when I heard the notification sound and when I checked I had a pop-up screen that said something along the lines of "Enter numeric pass key"

    The two options were Reject and Accept. The reject option was faded out I believe as well and couldn't be selected. I couldn't get away from the screen or close the virtual rows of the keyboard.

    I failed to take a screenshot and was unable to close it until I re-booted my phone. Has anyone seen this before or know what it is?
    11-15-14 11:43 AM
  2. Joshu42's Avatar
    I bet you just let your bluetooth On and something tries to connect
    11-15-14 12:37 PM
  3. WGn199's Avatar
    That may be it, thanks!
    11-15-14 01:08 PM

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