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    Is it me or has the quality of the BlackBerry haters ramblings gone down of late? There was a time not long ago when people were all over the internet with their tales of woe re all things BlackBerry. Now wherever I look, people are saying nice things, intelligent, articulate things about BlackBerry.
    It does seem to me that the only people posting the anti blurp at the moment seem to be from a little lower down the food chain than was previously the case. The sort of people that find it irresistible to post "First" and find it quite hard to string a sentence together .
    Can it be that intelligent people are starting to wake up to what some people have known all along? BlackBerry are back!

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    11-08-14 02:05 AM
  2. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    When BBRY does good things, it gets good feedback. No, smart people weren't asleep; blind appreciation of missteps is not a measure of intelligence.

    BBRY made mistakes, and got hammered for them.

    They changed direction, and have seemingly made a compelling product. People laud good decisions.
    11-08-14 02:22 AM

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