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    I came to write this guide for anyone who gets in the same situatiion as me. If you :

    • Were using picture password, but somehow entered it 5 times incorrectly SO
    • Now the phone asks for textual password, and threatens to erase all data after 5 incorrect inputs BUT
    • You forgotten the textual password, since you haven't been using it for a long time. You maybe tried to enter it a couple of times, but if you enter it again, data will be erased. You wish to get back to unlocking the phone with picture password again.

    There is a way to get to unlock the phone with picture password again, if you are lucky that these conditions are met :

    • Blackberry protect was enabled on your phone, and you can login on protect.blackberry.com (credentials for this are same as your blackberry world credentials, generally your blackberry ID account)
    • You can play the sound on the phone trough protect.blackberry.com*

    When you play the sound trough protect.blackberry.com, press volume down on your blackberry to stop the sound. You are now prompted to enter the picture password again ! Congratulations !

    * For me, in order to play the sound over protect.blackberry.com, i had some problems. FIrst it didn't work and it gave me an error that it could not connect to the phone, and that sound will be played the next time phone connects to wireless network. I don't know why it didn't work in the first place. Anyway, i was lucky that my WI-FI was turned ON before the phone was locked, and it was connected to my home network. I rebooted the router, so my phone disconnects fom the WI-FI, and when router booted, phone connected again automatically (while still locked), and the sound was played ! lucky me, i almost had all my data erased on the phone ...

    If you can't still play sound over protect, google around why it won't work. People reported different behavioiur : sometimes it worked, sometimes only after they tried 7-8 times, sometimes they rebooted the phone, reinserted the SIM card, etc. Tinker with it for a while and try to get it to play the sound. I am not even sure how does this work, does it work over WIFI or over celular network, etc. Anyway this is a separate problem, so try by all means to get the sound to play before you give up.

    In case someone gets in the same situation ever, this guide might be a life saver. I was so lucky to figure this out and save my data :P
    12-14-17 04:41 PM

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