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    Hey all,

    Not too big a gripe here, but I am running and with it have the use of Group Contacts. I am curious if there is a way to change the order the contacts appear when you send out an email to the group. I am a District Manager in my job and oversee a group of stores. I am extremely organized/anal with stuff like this; I have all stores saved in my phone as "Store 57, Store 58, Store 59, etc". I select them to go into the group in order and save the group. When I go to email the group, they are jumbled out of order. To me it just doesn't look clean or organized when they don't appear in order. Attached screenshots to show what I mean.

    Probably s.o.l. here in this version at least, but thought I would ask.
    Group Contact problem-img_00000095.png
    Group Contact problem-img_00000096.png

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    11-25-13 08:45 AM
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    Not sure but my guess would be not at this time.

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    11-25-13 08:52 AM
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    Not sure about that one, but my issue is after adding contacts and saving, when I go back in - the bottom half of my contacts to choose from are blank and I can't choose more.

    I figure it's the first first try at groups and they need to polish it a bit.


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    11-25-13 09:07 AM

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