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    Quick little tip to avoid multiple back clicks, not new, but I'll share.

    Instead of tapping back a lot of times, do the usual swipe back but on the back button, and it brings you to the app's root.

    Works on every cascades app I've tried, so far, and the Hub.

    Example on CB10:
    Normal back tap/swipe
    Attachment 208595

    "Root swipe/Power swipe (still don't know how to call it)", from the back button
    Attachment 208596

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    10-07-13 01:16 PM
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    New to me. thnx

    Posted via CB10
    10-07-13 01:47 PM
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    Little bit more elaboration:
    On properly made Casacades:
    Holding down somewhere in the centre left of the screen and swiping right is 1 back.
    Holding down the back button and swiping left is essentially a home or top level back.
    10-07-13 01:55 PM

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