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    I've read multiple posts on this but nothing is quite like my setup.

    I'm on a paid Gmail (Google Apps) account which means I can use Exchange server to setup my account on my Passport. In essence this means I'm NOT using IMAP which everyone else predominantly uses, and most of the google advice points to.

    But like IMAP deleting is a bit off. for example.

    - If I have an Email that has been "labelled" (gmail parlance) if i delete it, it gets archived. (which is fine)
    - If I have an Email that has not been "labelled" its deleted - but not moved to trash its just is expunged (gone into the nether). (this is less good)

    High level I'd like to be able to have the non-labelled, deleted email moved to trash... Not straight to expunged. No option is available that I can find for this and I'm giving up searching and asking for a smarter bb10 guru to help.

    Personally, I'd like to have the option of Delete (to trash) or Archive which I had on earlier BB's and had on both my iPhone and Android, in one click.. which is strangely missing on BB10. But I suspect thats not in the cards.

    Any thoughts on this are appreciated. I have Admin rights so if this requires server tinkering I'm game.

    04-07-15 03:52 PM

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