1. Petr J's Avatar
    after update on my Q10 all geocaching apps stoped working. I tried official Geocaching Live app, CacheSense, Locus Map (addon Geocaching4Locus). All worked on 10.3.2.*. I have also tried update to, but with same result.
    There have to be a problem with saving an authentication token, because I can in app login to geocaching.com and when I click on Allow access to API, apps reports an error with network.
    Any idea how to fix or how to investigate this problem?
    Thanks in advance.
    02-02-17 10:00 AM
  2. marcaccioc's Avatar
    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps? I use CGEO and it works perfectly on
    02-02-17 12:28 PM
  3. Petr J's Avatar
    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps? I use CGEO and it works perfectly on
    I tried it, but with same result. Now I tried CGEO (never installed) and it works, that's strange. So there have to be a problem somewhere else than in network, how apps reports.
    Thanks for the tip. I have to make Locus or CacheSense working, because it's better for me.
    02-02-17 02:18 PM
  4. Uncle Sky's Avatar
    Im running PassportSQW100-1/ and after cachesense stopped working, trying to find c: geo. I used it a couple years ago but now, I cant find it. A fellow geocacher I came across in the bush told me c: geo works fine but I cant figure out how to install it. Is there a ' one - pager' somewhere I can follow to get it installed and working?

    ....shot from my passport
    04-23-17 09:39 PM

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