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    Garmin Connect is an Android/iOS app used to sync with Garmin fitness trackers. In my case, I have a Vivoactive HR.

    Garmin Connect will complain about missing Google Play Services when trying to register a new account, but it does work. It may crash out upon completion of registration, but the info will have taken. (You can also register an account on Garmin's website instead.)

    For day to day use, switch on Bluetooth on the fitness tracker, the Bluetooth on the BB10 phone, then launch Connect. It takes 5-15 seconds, but everything pairs correctly and data is sync'ed. The app puts up a notification while sync'ing, which is really handy for making sure something is happening. If the sync fails, data is just resent again later, or you can tell it to sync, either from the app or from the fitness tracker.

    The only feature that appears not to be working in Connect is the Map display, which complains about not having Google Play Services. All other stats are there.

    I'll test out notifications and report what works/doesn't work, later...

    Notifications that work:

    - incoming call, though accept or reject call doesn't work
    - missed call

    Notifications that don't work:

    - calendar
    - txt message

    Z30 STA100-5
    BB10 Software Release
    Garmin Connect 3.13.1 Jan 13, 2017
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    01-18-17 09:16 PM
  2. gebco's Avatar
    My Z30 is still on 10.3.2 and the Garmin app behaves as you describe.
    01-18-17 10:26 PM
  3. Cobalt232's Avatar
    Simply patch the app and install my Google stack. Then then the map will work.
    01-19-17 02:50 AM
  4. cbvinh's Avatar
    Thanks Cobalt! I've yet to patch any apps, mainly due to my only access to Windows is a Windows 7 VM I have for a netbook, which at the moment isn't so speedy due to too many things on it.
    01-19-17 09:38 PM

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