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    I tried hard to see if someone had already posted this, so as to avoid duplication of effort, and I didn't find it anywhere, so here I go sharing a minor discovery that has improved my productivity with my Z30.

    Ever since my Z10 I had been somewhat frustrated with my limited ability to access my Google Docs and edit them from the handheld. Through a lot of circumnavigation I was *sometimes* able to get the native BB10 browser to show me documents, but most of the time in read-only format, and almost always with having to turn on DeskTop mode through that obscure setting path (settings, Developper mode).

    I also tried some other options like PlayCloud (which I very much appreciate for other reasons), and OfficePro, but nothing really worked "easily".

    Well no more! I downloaded the browser known as Sleipnir and it has allowed me full editing capabilities in my Google Docs (the word processor ones, anyway). So to anyone else who would like to be able to make changes or additions to a Google Doc document, I invite you to give Sleipnir a try. I got it off Snap.

    I have seen a few other posts referencing Sleipnir but not related to its ability to give editing access to one's Google Docs.. so now you know.

    And I would LOVE it if someone could reply to this and let me know how the heck in English one pronounces Sleipnir? or in any language, for that mater.
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    09-22-14 10:52 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    I believe it's pronounced "slip-near".

    Sleipnir is from Norse mythology. An eight-legged magical horse belonging to Odin.
    09-22-14 11:36 AM

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