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    I am new in the BlackBerry Community and use a complete qt focused OS on my home computer.

    In my opinion is the very most senseful idea the following:

    Start a petition to Blackberry Limited in order to get access to the source code.
    They may release them, when they can see, that it makes a lot of sense.
    We can state, that the very most successful OS today are nearly all open source:

    OS X and iOS are partly open, when we talk about the base, namely the Kernel, Toolchain and so on, not free is Aqua, the very most Apps, their APIs and all this stuff..

    Android is based on Linux, the most used Kernel in the world.

    The PS4, PSP (Vita) and more are all based on a BSD.

    As many of you know, is the open source concept very successful for a lot of companys.

    AMD learn this since some years. Even Microsoft goes into this direction.

    And Blackberry Limited learn this currently by their Android projects.

    So, again: I am very new here.

    I use currently my first BlackBerry phone and the hardware is awesome in my opinion.

    Produce such stuff is very expensive and cost things, which are mostly undiscovered: Slavery, overexploitation and so on.

    Produce a fair phone today is an illusion, so lets use the already produced devices.

    I, for my self prefer hardware keys because they save battery and feel exquisite, so BlackBerry is in my interest, since the very most devices today use a touch screen only.

    I update my BlackBerry Bold 9900 today

    The issues, which i aimed to fix with that update are still there; Network stop to work without any comment - GUI shows still all is running fine - Opera loose the connection and so on. The single one difference is, that these issues appear more often now, as it seems.

    OK, BlackBerry Messenger is back, it disappeared for no reason which i was able to detect and comes back, since the update seems to simply reinstall the whole OS - so not a benefit which results from the updated code.

    All these issues get temporary resolved by a reset - since the default "shutdown" leads to sleep in truth, is this and very bad issue in my opinion, since the very most people do not know about the soft reset and the hard reset is very unhandy, especially when you have to do it 1-3 times per day - and that for a device, which should be perfect stable now, since its already a lot of years old.

    I mention this, in order to demonstrate one more reason, why an open source code can make a lot of sense, anybody out there who already work in that area, know exactly what i mean.


    Mer. Plasma. Qt.

    There are a lot of tools, which let us build a wonderful OS, so long as the base system get released.

    EDIT: Oh, there is already a thread about it: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...803.1473156391
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