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    Just thought I'd point out that if you go to phone settings and go down to call forwarding then set it to forward on busy and no answer to your home answering machine (I have it forwarded to a voip account) ,you basically have free voicemail.
    Free voicemail for all BB10 users!-img_00000020.png
    Free voicemail for all BB10 users!-img_00000019.png
    Click image for larger version. 

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    11-27-13 12:02 AM
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    Very cool!
    Going to set this up! Thanks!
    11-27-13 06:16 AM
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    I'd like something like this for telemarketers. I know when ones calling because it the same last 4 digits as my number. I'd love to redirect them to a set line or something .

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    08-09-14 06:20 PM
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    Very cool!
    Going to set this up! Thanks!
    Uh, just make sure you don't have to pay your landline provider!

    Crackberry Genius on Verizon STL100-4
    08-10-14 01:06 AM
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    In my country (Denmark) voice-mail has always been included and rates are quite low: Three currently offers unlimited talk/texting/mms and 1GB data for $23. It's even on 4G LTE.

    Selling additional services was killed years back, when simple all inclusive packages was introduced.

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    08-10-14 02:53 AM

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