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    Offline Wikipedia is one of the most important applications for me, so when I got my Q10 back in June, I immediately went in search of offline Wikipedia options. There are several free ones for Android: Aarddict, WikiDroyd and Kiwix, and at least one paid one, Wikipock.

    No matter what I did, I could not get Aarddict to work. It installs fine, but I could not get it to locate any .aar files on my Blackberry, no matter whether they were loaded on the internal storage or the external SD card. This appears to be a problem with the location of user files on the Blackberry filesystem (compared to the standard Android configuration) and the way Blackberry uses hard links in its Unix filesystem. The developer of Aarddict was not interested in correcting the problem for Blackberry users.

    WikiDroyd works just fine, but the newest English Wikipedia dump is from March 2010, and the program does not appear to be maintained. I have been using WikiDroyd for the last several months.

    Kiwix had the same problem as Aarddict; it could not find the ZIM file, no matter where I placed it.

    However, today I was able to get Kiwix working. First download the APK and install it on your Blackberry:


    Then download Wikipedia in your language on your computer:


    You can download it as a ZIP file with the ZIM file pre-split into <2 GB segments, or you can download one large ZIM file. I downloaded the 12 GB ZIM file from a January 2014 Wikipedia dump. Using a BitTorrent client will probably be faster, but you can also download it directly from their site. The pre-split ZIP file was about 19 GB and so I decided to download the smaller file and split it myself. If you need to split the file to be smaller than 2 GB each for FAT32, download FSJ LIte:

    FFSJ: The Fastest File Splitter and Joiner

    This very quickly splits the files. I split them to be less than 1.9 GB. Now rename the extension of each file .zimaa, .zimab, .zimac, and so on in the proper order.

    Copy these files to the SD card in your Blackberry.

    Now download and install the APK for Total Commander:

    Total Commander - Android

    Open Total Commander, navigate to the directory where you stored your ZIM file(s) and click on one of them. Choose "Open With" and select Kiwix. Presto! Now every time you open Kiwix it will immediately bring you to your Offline Wikipedia; no need to open with Total Commander again.

    The only problem that I have found is that you cannot follow links. Instead you have to type the name of the link in the search bar. It is an inconvenience to be sure, but so much better than not having Wikipedia available offline that I am delighted. Note that the search bar also auto-completes and stays persistent, so it is quite easy to use. I prefer to leave Kiwix in full-screen mode.

    Of course, if you are connected to the internet the on-line Wikipedia is better --- links work, images display, and you always have the most up-to-date pages. But when you are on an airplane, in the subway, travelling in a foreign country, or other places where you may not have internet access, Offline Wikipedia can really save the day.

    Note that all the tools used here are free. Of course, you need to set up your Blackberry to install applications from sources other than Blackberry World.

    Note that I was unable to get Aarddict to work using the same Total Commander "Open With" trick.
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    11-18-14 01:51 AM
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    thanks for the info
    12-08-14 10:13 PM
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    It works yes, but being this problem common to some software we should:

    1) open a case/bug/improvement with BlackBerry, and hope they add for next patch/update
    2) open a issue/ speak with opensource developers about this issue, because I am sure that solving it from code would very easy.

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    05-27-16 04:50 AM

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