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    Does anybody know how to change fonts in e-mails? I'm not wanting to have lots of pretty different fonts in my messages - quite the reverse: when I copy and paste some text, say from the browser, into my message, it often appears in a different font - as does anything more that I type after that insertion. This can look slightly silly!

    I know I could change the whole thing from html into plain text format, but I'd rather not have to do that if I can avoid it. Another workaround could be to paste the text firstly into something that only recognises plain text, such as a reminder note or suchlike(?) - but that's obviously quite a hassle. I don't think there's a Windows-esque 'paste text only' option.

    Any ideas?

    02-18-15 12:59 PM
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    I haven't experienced that. I just copied & pasted a paragraph off your post into a new email and it was in default BB10 font. I didn't really look to hard for something in an odd font to copy.

    Idea #1:
    One thing you can do as a workaround which I do anyway is hit Enter a couple times before pasting something then go back up a line to paste. After paste, manually place cursor lower down by tapping below pasted section on one of the empty lines you left there and your typing should continue in BB10 font. That doesn't change your pasted section, but at least your own typing will be unaffected.

    Idea #2:
    Toggle email to Plain Text, then back to HTML. Haven't tested as I don't have anything in a different font to test on.

    Idea #1:
    Use a clipboard app like ClipMan Clipboard Manager. Excellent. Very useful app. After you copy a selection, go to ClipMan and select that item to Copy to Clipboard. That should put it into standard BB10 font. ClipMan runs headless in background, so anything you copy will always be there; no need to open ClipMan first.
    02-18-15 01:30 PM
  3. 37201xoIM's Avatar
    That's really helpful, thanks - and sorry for posting in the wrong forum!
    02-18-15 01:38 PM

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