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    I have an odd problem. We have several dozen BB10 devices (Passport, Classic, Q10) that were set aside when users upgraded last year to Android handsets (tears were shed...)

    Now we have a need for about fifteen temporary employees to have phones for a six month project and we want to use these Blackberries. Problem is: they were wiped/reset but the Blackberry anti-theft feature still has them tied to a Blackberry ID. With no way to get into the phone itself (I can only get about three screens into setup) and no SIMs left in them to help identify who had which device, how can I figure out what BB ID I need to use to unlock and use each handset? We still have access to any of the corporate email addresses that would have been used for them, and even if an old employee is gone we could always recreate their address in order to get the password recovery email.

    How do we figure out which BB ID is associated with each phone without trying 30 or more email addresses? Is there any way to find it using the IMEI?

    Thanks in advance,

    09-04-17 09:52 PM
  2. John Vieira's Avatar
    Nope. The anti-theft is working as intended. The user isn't around, so no one can get into it.

    You could try going through all the emails one at a time.

    Here's a tip. Don't delete any of the accounts or dissasociate the devices with the accounts, otherwise you'll have a real problem on your hands.

    Finally, the proper method to erase them is to log in with the proper ID, and then wipe from settings. It will ask to enter the password, and then they'll be usable by the next person.
    09-04-17 10:15 PM
  3. jope28's Avatar
    Try this.
    You can go to the BlackBerry Protect site and log in with the BlackBerry ID's you have. Once you log in, it tells you the Pin of the device assigned to that BBID.
    The pin is on the device itself ( on the Passport, it's next to the SIM slot.

    09-04-17 11:27 PM
  4. Lucas D's Avatar
    yeah do that above log into the BlackBerry Protect website it will show what device is currently using what ID
    09-05-17 01:49 AM
  5. Lucas D's Avatar
    if you do it by the phone you only get 10 tries then resets again pita
    09-05-17 01:49 AM

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