1. kirson's Avatar
    Does anyone know whether there will be "shortcuts" for moving email messages to folders in BB10? On the 9900 (and all previous QWERTY devices) there are two "shortcuts". First, when you select FILE and the list of folders pops up, you can begin typing the name of the folder you want. Any folder that begins with those letters (or any hierarchy with such a folder) is then displayed. If you have hundreds or even thousands of nested folders, this is a life saver. Second, after you file a message with a particular subject, or from a particular sender, or (I believe) with a particular keyword for the first time, then the next time you begin the FILE process, the system automatically takes you to the last folder used for this particular subject, sender or keyword. This is even a bigger life saver. Will either (or both) of these solutions be available on BB10? The smart memory feature should be easy enough to implement on either a full touch device or a QWERTY device. I'm not sure how to solve the typing shortcut on a full touch device. Perhaps allow us to bring up the soft keyboard and type a few letters? A halfway solution would be to show all nested folders as collapsed folders (with a plus sign to expand the nested folders) - at least you would go from thousands of folders to more like tens of folders and you would avoid the nightmare iOS users need to go through.
    01-22-13 06:23 PM
  2. kirson's Avatar
    Now that the Z10 is out in the U.K., can someone comment on how BB10 implements filing email messages in Exchange folders? Does the system "remember" the last folder a message in a thread was saved in? Are nested folders hidden (and expandable) or are all folders listed as in iOS? Any shortcuts?
    01-31-13 09:42 AM
  3. Rub3n5's Avatar
    I made use of these 'old' features all the time. I'd hold down the ALT key, scroll through a bunch of messages I'd want to file and as you mentioned, it would remember the right folder to file it in.

    On the Z10 it's not the same (at least based on my limited time with it as it's only been in Canada a few days). You basically have to:

    1. Select a message.
    2. Select the ellipses.
    3. Select each message individually (which is time consuming vs. the old method of scrolling with the ALT key pressed down to highlight).
    4. Click the file button.
    5. Find your folder - it seems to kind of remember, but it just scrolls to the portion of the screen where the folder is for which you then select).

    Also, the time it takes to complete step 5 can take a little while depending on the number of messages (50 messages probably took, 5-7s to file?). This seems like an eternity as on my 9790 it was instant filing.

    Now, once that's done, your messages are still unread. So they therefore show up in your Hub/Peek with a number beside them indicating the number of messages. It's not until you mark them as read that your message count goes down. So in order to mark them as read now, you have to repeat steps 1-4 above and for step 5, select the "Mark as read" option instead.

    I have to say - I'm really not happy with this AT ALL. I just hope I'm doing it wrong and there is a more efficient means of filing.
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    02-07-13 08:35 AM
  4. SplatHead's Avatar
    That really disappoints me..

    I receive tons of email, IT... using multiple sub folders... once read, their done with...

    This is the only reason i turned down iOS and Android. crazy i know...
    02-15-13 01:02 AM
  5. Eli Marder's Avatar
    Hi, new here.
    I just setup my BB10 and I can file received emails and even multiple received emails without a problem but for whatever reason I can't figure out how to file sent emails into their folders, which is frustrating.
    Any suggestions?
    03-08-13 11:32 AM
  6. cjmking's Avatar
    Has anyone found a way to do this - or is thi8s a 'thing of the past". Filing email was the only reason I wanted to stay with Blackberry....but just got the Q10 and the functionality seems less than the Bold. Help - I think I mayi return this phone!!
    06-19-13 08:48 PM
  7. w_lred's Avatar
    Has anyone found a way to nest email messages? It was such a great feature on legacy BB's. I don't like to keep flipping through individual emails since I get a lot of them. I also need an answer to this.
    08-15-13 04:28 PM

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