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    Hi guys,

    I have a Q10 and I love it. I got annoyed that I can't use my Q10 with my computer via USB ( I don't likle to use Wifi because there is not allways a Wifi nearby esspecially one i want to use). Whenever I connect the phone via USB, it looses the connection after a few seconds, file transfer is horrobly slow (500kb/s max), Blend looses connection, backup is not working..etc..

    I am running a MS Surface Pro 3, Win 10. Yes I have all updates, reinstalled BB Link and the drivers a thousand times. That won't help.

    Here is what I found out so far maybe some of you can confirm or even help me. The BB and MS support are useless here because they only tell me to reinstall everything etc.

    During researching different Surface Problems I found out that people have problems with the Connected Standby feature. The Connected Standby is a feature that allows the surface to go to a very low energy state and keep network connections (incl. Bluetooth) active, so you can get notifications, emails even when it is sleeping. Like a tablet. I disabled the feature and suddenly EVERYTHING was working perfectly. (Fast file transfer, Backup, Blend etc).

    How do disable Connected Standby:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Power: CsEnabled - 0 -> Restart

    Leave it like that I thought a first. But the surface came with a pen and I love to use it. One push on the button opens One Note to take notes even if the Surface is on Standby. WIth disabling the Connected Standby I lost his feature. So I kept on researching.

    When I had a look in the device manager, BlackBerry Device, Properties, Details, Energy Data:
    With disabled Connected Standby it says current state: D0
    With enabled Connected Standby it is D3

    I think the Connected Standby feature brings the driver to a low energy state which results in the poor performance.

    Any pros out there who would know how to adress this issue? I dont like changing the value in the registy everytime I want to connect the phone via USB.

    11-14-15 02:52 PM

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